Homegrown Tomatoes

Taste What Fresh Really Means!

Tomato Fertilizers – What Should You Use?

What kind of fertilizer should you use on your tomato plants?  There are so many kinds of fertilizers, it can get your head spinning!  Let’s break it down, though, to see what might be best for where you grow your tomatoes (climate) and how you grown them (in ground or in containers).

What Does N-P-K Stand For?

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What Do Tomatoes Eat?

Just what do tomatoes eat? What do they need to grow and flourish? When growing your own tomatoes at home, you need to know a few things to provide your “babies” with what they need to eat and drink. 🙂

Growing Medium (i.e., Soil)

You need something for your plants to live in. Technically, you can grow tomatoes hydroponically —… Continue reading

Welcome To Tomato-Land

Tomatoes…better yet, homegrown tomatoes!  You know, a lot of people really dislike tomatoes – but most likely it’s because they have never tasted  REAL tomato.  Sweet yet tart.  Juicy.  Medium-firm, but definitely not like a rock (and many times, nicely soft, but not squishy).  Full of delicious tomato taste.

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