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Tomato Review- Juliet

Time for a tomato review of Juliet, which is a hybrid grape-type tomato.  I have mixed feelings about this tomato variety, and I’ll explain why.  Hopefully it will help you decide if it’s a tomato variety you want to try growing.

Dear Juliet, How Do You Grow?

I found that Juliet was a very good grower.  The seeds sprouted readily, and I didn’t have any issues when it came time to transplant the seedlings into the garden.

I grew Juliet in a container — a 5-gallon — and it took off!  The plant grew quickly and started blooming (and setting tomatoes) earlier than most of my varieties that growing year.  I’d say it grew to about 5 feet tall, which is not too shabby for a 5-gallon container.

Juliet was also very prolific when it came to bearing tomatoes.  As I mentioned, it is a grape-type of tomato — just a little larger than bite size.  Even when it got really hot, it still set fruit, at least until the heat and humidity did my whole garden in.

(In South Florida, we have two growing seasons, but they are shorter due to the excessive heat and humidity on either end, which also breeds various tomato diseases.)

I must say, Juliet excelled in these areas!  It was one of the last tomato plants to succumb to my short season.

As you might have guessed, Juliet is an indeterminate tomato variety, setting fruit and growing all through the season.

So Why the Mixed Feelings?

I wasn’t crazy about the taste and texture.  To me, Juliet had a mild taste and was somewhat dry.  The skin was a bit on the thick side (which did help against cracking) and I am more of a fan of thinner skins.

The growing conditions were the same for Juliet as for the other varieties I grew along side it, so that wasn’t the cause of the taste and texture issues.

My tastes run to tomatoes which have a good balance of sweet and tart, plus being juicy.  And this applies double to small cherry-sized tomatoes.  Based on my taste preferences, Juliet was not a good match.

I debated growing Juliet again to see if maybe it would grow better them second time around.  Ultimately, I decided to give Juliet a pass.

Is the tomato variety Juliet a good fit for you?  You may have to try it and see.  If you love grape tomatoes and want one that pumps out the fruit, Juliet may be worth growing for you!

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