Taste What Fresh Really Means!

Welcome To Tomato-Land

Tomatoes…better yet, homegrown tomatoes!  You know, a lot of people really dislike tomatoes – but most likely it’s because they have never tasted  REAL tomato.  Sweet yet tart.  Juicy.  Medium-firm, but definitely not like a rock (and many times, nicely soft, but not squishy).  Full of delicious tomato taste.

Grocery store tomatoes are pretty much what I call plastic — hard as a rock, virtually tasteless, little juice.  And I’ve been to farmer’s markets where they sell the same kinds!  Why?  Because they are easier to harvest and transport.

I’m the first person to admit that lately I have been seeing heirloom tomatoes available in grocery stores.  Overall, I want to applaud the stores for taking this step.  Unfortunately, because of the nature of these tomatoes, a lot are still picked when not fully ripe.  And some get squished in transport.  Still, they are light-years better from the plastic types, and when homegrown isn’t available, I’ll buy them.

Why Homegrown?

The most delicious taste imaginable!  The ability to choose the kind of tomatoes that you like best.  The different colors, sizes and uses.

Do you want tomatoes for canning or sauces?  What about salads?  And of course, the fabulous BLT sandwich (or any other kind of sandwich).

Drying, fresh eating, snacking — there are tomatoes for almost any use.

I Don’t Have Room For a Garden

I’ll cover this issue in other posts, but rest assured, you do not need a lot of space to grow your gloriously tasty fruits.  Sure, if you want to grow a lot of varieties at the same time, you’ll need some space (but maybe less than you think).  But even if you have room for only one plant, you too can eat your own homegrown tomatoes.

So, welcome to this site!  I’ll be covering what you should know for growing, different varieties and planting situations.  Keep reading and enjoy.  🙂